Cynicism is for those who lack the initiative to create something on their own. ~Jack Davis

​A paradigm shift in your thinking will cause you to see that kindness is easier than hate. Hate uses up so much energy! 

~Jack Davis

Looking back, I’ve been wrong almost every time I haven’t listened to my intuition. ~Jack Davis

In a world that beats us up daily, the bravest thing you can do is openly and freely love someone. ~Jack Davis

The WHY is always more important than the WHAT.
The WHY motivates us to do the WHAT.
The WHY is visionary.
The WHAT is ordinary.
The WHY is inspirational.
The WHAT is vocational.
~Jack Davis

Relationships happen in the arena of the soul. Minds absolutely must connect before bodies ever do, or else it’s out of sync with the soul.

– Jack Davis

adversity - heroism - JQ

Pushing on through adversity is heroism.
Don’t quit, overcome instead.
You will be a hero to me!

~Jack Davis