Looking back, I’ve been wrong almost every time I haven’t listened to my intuition. ~Jack Davis

The WHY is always more important than the WHAT.
The WHY motivates us to do the WHAT.
The WHY is visionary.
The WHAT is ordinary.
The WHY is inspirational.
The WHAT is vocational.
~Jack Davis

Relationships happen in the arena of the soul. Minds absolutely must connect before bodies ever do, or else it’s out of sync with the soul.

– Jack Davis

adversity - heroism - JQ

Pushing on through adversity is heroism.
Don’t quit, overcome instead.
You will be a hero to me!

~Jack Davis

Growth Comes

growth - pain
If growth doesn’t come by revelation, inspiration, or perception, it comes by pain. You choose. – Jack Davis


Ownership means you’ll do anything you can to make what you have better by increasing and developing it.

– Jack Davis

Forgiveness is a gift

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It lets you go higher than where you are now. – Jack Davis

Forgiveness is a gift...


Strong and pure love denies self and does kind things for someone who can do nothing for you in return. ~Jack Davis

Looking for a new wonder, we often ignore the amazing ones all around us. ~Jack Davis