Looking back, I’ve been wrong almost every time I haven’t listened to my intuition. ~Jack Davis

Growth Comes

growth - pain
If growth doesn’t come by revelation, inspiration, or perception, it comes by pain. You choose. – Jack Davis


Ownership means you’ll do anything you can to make what you have better by increasing and developing it.

– Jack Davis


Strong and pure love denies self and does kind things for someone who can do nothing for you in return. ~Jack Davis

Looking for a new wonder, we often ignore the amazing ones all around us. ~Jack Davis

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Choosing our thoughts is the most pivotal thing we can do in our lives. ~Jack Davis

When preaching or teaching, the voice of God himself should come through us in revelation. If not, no lives are being changed.

– Jack Davis

 To me, everyone has the potential of 10, only they limit themselves with their thinking.

– Jack Davis

touch the moon