Why bother to fear rejection? The people who will reject you over something trivial are small minded anyway. They will likely be no help to you in your life or your life goals. Dismiss them.

– Jack Davis

Mind waves emanating from a person's brain.

The only way to think is to think big! Thinking small is a loss of potential.

– Jack Davis


Courage is discovering that you may not win, & doing your best anyway. Give today your best effort.

-Jack Davis

holy spirit breath

True honor is found deep in the heart long before the mouth ever discovers it.

– Jack Davis

Purple sunset scene of a boat on the sea.

Discover who God created you to be. You will love it. You really are amazing in His sight.

– Jack Davis

Mountains with a bright blue cloudy sky.

We must place value on people, period. If someone is devaluing your life, they are no mentor or leader.

– Jack Davis

Experience can teach us many things, but it does not always teach us truth.

– Jack Davis

Sometimes, only a hug will answer the troubles of a friend’s heart.

– Jack Davis

A manager’s role is to help people understand why their work matters. If the manager doesn’t think so, then their work doesn’t matter.

~Jack Davis

When you have an important point to make, don’t be subtle or clever. Be very clear & passionate. Be sure to get their attention!

~ Jack Davis